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There have been rumors that Chris has been dating a couple of different girls from the franchise, but he never admitted to it.The fans would love to see Harrison find love with someone they already know and love, but this just hasn't happened for him so far. Chris Harrison, the host of The Bachelor, has seen enough drama to last a few lifetimes. I think the wonderful thing about The Bachelor is I think that’s why we can all empathize.Sitting with him, talking through 20 seasons of one of the most popular reality shows on TV today, Chris definitely offers quite a bit of expertise on dating, discovering one’s self and true love…and an insider’s scoop on The Bachelor Show, of course. It’s why you can relate to what’s going on, and it’s why the franchise I think, has spanned 15 years and now 20 Seasons of just The Bachelor not to mention The Bachelorette because it’s a very simple concept really to think of the show. And it was this crazy concept and reality was very new, very edgy. This is just kind of a one-time deal that we thought we would do.In April 2015, Disney-ABC announced that Harrison would replace Terry Crews as host of the syndicated version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 27: Television personality Andi Dorfman attends the Taste of Tennis Gala during Taste of Tennis Week at W New York on August 27, 2015 in New York City.

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It’s not easy to get a shot of someone rolling her eyes or looking panicked or annoyed or desperate when she knows she’s on-camera—unless, of course, she’s made to stand on bleachers for hours in very high heels.

There was no template, there was no playbook for this is how you host a reality show. And now I can’t even fathom doing a one-hour episode. They get up, go to the bathroom and have to show people. Then Trista came along and that was a huge controversial idea.

We just show you guys because it’s going to get out. You don’t think [that] 28 Twitter-crazed kids on The Bachelor are gonna talk? So when they recorded The Bachelor, of course they’re going to talk. How dare we put a woman in charge and have The Bachelorette? Now it seems so benign and commonplace, but back then, it was a wild idea.

While we avoided the truly twisted questions — seriously, do not click here if you want to maintain your faith in humanity — there were plenty of PG-13 rated queries for Harrison to tackle, like, “He’s 35. ” Related: All of Your Burning ‘Bachelor’ Wine Questions Answered" data-reactid="25"The host is so comfortable dispensing relationship advice, I think it’s only a matter of time before producers launch yet another spin-off: Bachelor in Couples Therapy.

is lit golden by candles: hundreds of them on any given evening, thousands over the course of a season—lit, relit, stoked, oxygenated, basked in, had white wine sipped by the light of—all born of the dry-ice lovemaking fantasy that the show’s producers imagine women dream of.