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There a three ingredients to a fatal dog attack; size and power of the dog, aggression and not to be overlooked a reason – usually lack of training and maltreatment…

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p=4374 i gommisti giunge clientela con gomme senza marca di qualità infima e addirittura ovalizzati.In such a process, the smaller and weaker nations, outside the category of presently great powers, would be simply crushed through means of the effects of globalization on such vulnerabilities as their increasing lack of truly sovereign control over the essential portion of the food supplies of their populations as wholes.34 - Harrogate, Yorkshire - North Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.An alliance of the four great powers would define a mission-oriented process of transformation of the world’s economic systems. That wicked policy which was initiated under British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and was done in concert with France's pro-British President of that time, Franois Mitterrand, and also with a complicit U. The development of the so-called "Euro," a system which was set into motion by the initiative of those three powers of the 1989-1990 developments, Britain, France, and the 1989-1993 U. We are morally obliged to act to remove the relevant present threat to this planet. economy was plunged into a presently accelerating, global breakdown-crisis, since the close of July 2007, the greatest rate of increase of a presently suffocating mass of essentially fictitious financial capital, has overtaken the United States, while, with the advent of this present Year 2010, the U. Obama government has taken new measures which, if tolerated, will tend to throw the U. So, I must affirm the point, that the effects of the process of globalization, effects with the characteristics of a deep-going global "new malthusianism," which were set into motion in the terms dictated to Germany two decades ago, by the concerted action of Thatcher, Mitterrand, and Bush, are, presently, the source of the threat of a presently early arrival at the entry of the planet as a whole into a prolonged, global new dark age of all humanity.Immediately, this would mean unifying the world’s railroads into a modern, global system. by means of the Devil's own sort of virtual treason unloosed from within the current administration, an effort, nominally led by President Barack Obama, which, if successful, would clear the way to mopping-up Britain's other chief obstacles on this planet, such as Russia, China, and India, as if one at a time. Thus, the mass-murderous partnership between the British monarchy and President Obama, which is intended to reduce the world's population, rapidly, from nearly 7 billions persons, to less than 2, is an evil scheme, long associated with British Royal Consort Prince Philip, who is allied with the President Obama who is now operating in a manner suggestive of treason, behind the back of the people of the U. A., a policy of Prince Philip which represents the greatest evil loosed upon this planet today. This is an effect which, if allowed to continue, even during the immediate months ahead, would soon unleash what the present British monarchy, and its accomplice, President Barack Obama, have explicitly intended to become the worst holocaust suffered by all humanity in the known, detailed political-economic history of mankind.Your Profile Photo This is your chance to be in the spotlight!