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The day is a time of reflection, inner thoughts and healing in many eastern European countries.

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Wouldn't you get bored surviving on rations that had flown as far to be there as you had? Because I am just back from a week in the closest thing we have on Earth to such a place: Dubai.

In the absence of any local population, wouldn't you get lonely? Wouldn't you spend your time weeping for the fate of a humanity that will one day, according to Stephen Hawking, have to colonise this godawful void merely to survive and with no hope of earthly return? I am not saying that I didn't have a wonderful holiday there with my daughter, because I did. This is the great lesson I have learned by travelling occasionally with my daughter and leaving my wife and son at home: all the sorts of things that can annoy a grown-up on holiday — unfriendly staff, wrong view from room, absence of balcony, dreary hotel food, crowded swimming pool, wrong kind of sheets/pillows/towels, shit local beer — mean nothing to them. And if they have that, they are happy, and as you are compelled to see the world through their eyes because you are living with them cheek-by-jowl (sharing a bed, a bath, a breakfast table) then you are happy, too.

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