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I put my trust in the fact the UK has the strictest animal testing laws in the world and didn’t think how I could use my consumer power to invest in more ethical global business practices. I said this to another mum while trying to arrange a meetup. Sports days, school trips, end of term discos, fetes, reports and parents evenings. As well as being one of our favourite city celebrations, it’s also one of the most important.
Maybe it’s time to forget e Harmony or Ok Cupid and go old school.

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"It's definitely not something I started out wanting to do. Russell also has two children with her ex-husband, Shane Deary -- son River and daughter Willa.

The actress revealed to ET why her kids weren't at the ceremony. "I think my daughter, Willa, would have liked to dress up, but they were on a very big camping trip, so they're doing the opposite of getting dressed up, and they're being very dirty." was that good, you can end up here," she joked. No, it is shocking, but when I said that I really meant it.

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She also wore a black North Face puffer jacket along with blue jeans and black booties.

When The Americans stars Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell arrived for Deadline’s shoot at a quaint upstate NY inn near where they were on holiday, they brought the latest member of their entourage.

That would be Sam, a two-month-old who seems right out of central casting for cutest baby ever.

So much is quashed, and sat on, and not addressed, and finally, in a world where so much isn’t said, they had an opportunity to really, albeit briefly, let some things go; to air some truths. I don’t know what ended up making it in the edit, but there were a few lines in there where we’re talking about people from the first season arena, and I remember, in the midst of this vicious retort back and forth, they’re like, “You have to say her name because you have to [remind] people who she was.” It’s like, it doesn’t matter what her fucking name is. Russell: From the time I read the pilot, I feel like Elizabeth, that character, was almost in the background.

So I had no idea where this was going to go—zero idea—and had no idea how emotional it would become, which has been such a good surprise about this job.