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Leighton (Joel Fry) is a happy-go-lucky, aloof shelf-stacker along with his colleague, Colin (Carl Rice) who in contrast is lazy and very unhelpful to customers.Jane Horrocks did those Tesco ads for so long, it came as a bit of a surprise to see her in an actual programme last night.But sitcoms, like all big-budget telly, tend to be made by people who are metropolitan and middle-class.

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Margaret (Rita May), the oldest of the team, struggles to settle in.The Valco logo is etched into the glass entrance doors of the store, however, it is etched so it can be read correctly from inside the store.A real shop would have the logo facing outwards for customers entering.A lot of the staff who work there are so different from each other, from posh people to the most vile and lazy people you could meet. All together with exaggerating Andy on the meat stall, this works brilliantly. The dentists of My Family don’t hurl such distasteful jokes at each other in the workplace, and it’s a fair bet that supermarket staff in Cheshire don’t either.