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Munn, who stars on HBO’s “The Newsroom,” didn’t reveal anything too salacious or juicy, but gave an honest answer when host Andy Cohen asked her point-blank, “Do you have sex on game days?

Predating the time of noah literally

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Is the story a myth, as most secular scholars claim, or was Noah a real historical person who survived a great deluge?

Using a "realistic approach," this paper places the biblical Noah in the context of real time and space.

This paper attempts to place Noah in real time and space.

Next, Noah's "world" is examined with respect to the geography, climate, irrigation, natural resources, agriculture, animal husbandry, cities, architecture, religion, pottery, textiles, luxuries, language, numbers, and writing of that time.

Among the worst of humanity, the Bible says, Noah was tops.

Aronofsky makes an impressive effort to cast Noah as an epic hero; he does a fine job of imagining the complex family dynamics aboard the ship, and has cleverly filled in the Bible’s spare but suggestive narrative.

The Chinese have been called one of the most history-conscious and tradition-conscious peoples of the world. Perhaps it is seen most of all in this very Border Sacrifice which the Emperor performed twice a year. It is the exact text of the ceremony that was performed in A. 1538, which was based on the existing ancient records of the original rituals.

Let us look at portions of the recitation script that the Emperor used The Emperor, as the high priest, was the only one to participate in the service.