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Long-running, high-end Excel-based applications that I developed years ago and that run beautifully in Excel 20 look like Amateur Hour in Excel 20 because Application. The screen unfreezes apparently when VBA code copies a preformatted worksheet from the macro workbook into a new workbook, although other circumstances must trigger it as well. I’ve seen the threads on this subject that recommend “fiddling with the code” or “calling the code in a subroutine”. Here are some ideas: - Check if your code calls for code in a different procedure, maybe the Application.

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Range Dim o Frm As frm Progress Dim Portion Done As Double On Error Go To Err_Exit str Text To Insert = "Annual bonus rates for the last five years" str Text To Find = "Discharge Pack" Set doc To Open = Application.

Sub Insert Text() Dim Doc As Document, str Text To Insert As String, str Text To Find As String Dim i As Long, doc To Open As File Dialog, s Hght As Single Dim rng To Search As Word.

Screen Updating=False works as prescribed in all our Windows Excel versions and in Excel 2011 for the Mac.

In our copy of Excel 2016 (Version 15.26) for the Mac it has no effect.