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In a lab on the outskirts of greater LA County, in what was once an aerospace research center, now defunct thanks to buy-out, mergers and acquisitions, a team plots a stop to the out of control political correctness, man-hating movement that is destroying sexual relations in the US.

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Almost always, a crush can make your life miserable and bring it to a standstill.While it’s enjoyable and exciting for a few weeks, a long term crush can bring more nervousness and pain than happiness. It won’t be love even if your crush starts to date you.Give the feeling time to pass in case it is one of the more transient causes, but if you can’t shake that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, maybe it’s time to start really thinking about if your relationship is one you truly want to be in.I have this theory that every relationship you’re in should be your best one ever.

If you interact with new members of the opposite sex, you may even have a new crush every week. A crush is nothing but an appreciation of beauty or certain traits that you admire in someone else, especially the opposite sex. But getting over a crush, well, that’s a whole new story. [Read: How a rebound relationship can be good for you] Anyone with a bit of experience with getting over crushes will tell you that the easiest way to get over a crush is to get a new crush on someone else.

Pretty soon, you’ll just get over any crush you have whenever you want to. Sometimes, an addiction can be overcome when you fill yourself up to the brim and feel sick about it.

It’s like getting drunk and suffering a hangover the next morning.

All I heard from colleagues and other kinksters about the books was that they were a terrible representation of BDSM, written by an outsider with a dubious grasp on the concept of consent.

I dismissed the books as irrelevant, but with the release of the movie adaptation this weekend, the buzz about has become unavoidable.